Mary Cronos About Cronos Post

Mary Cronos alias Maria Schucklies was born in beautiful springtime of 1987 in Rüdersdorf, a little village close to Germany’s capital Berlin. For her entire life she was connected to nearly every kind of art and nature.

Since 2006 she is studying Theology at the Humboldt-University of Berlin. Meanwhile she founded a choir and a magazine in her faculty, started to work for several church communities like the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtnis-Kirchengemeinde and non-profit-organizations like Ian Somerhalder Foundation. In January 2012 she founded her own group to support this foundation: TIBA-earth.com. In May 2013, she decided to use her art not only for non-profits but also to finance her studies. So she founded her Art-Business Colors of Cronos. In Summer 2014 Mission:Change – her ongoing fundraising project started to a new round, to support the Ian Somerhalder Foundation and The EndIt Movement this time. Now, Spring 2015 she will publish her first novel. 

Her love for nature and for creating pictures of this amazing Creation in every available way – by drawing, painting, taking pictures or writing – guided her till today.

So this blog is one more way she wants to share impressions, thoughts and news about all these parts of her life. The Cronos Post is kind of the place where all her passions come together.